Frequently Asked Questions

Why use instead of other platforms?

Having been in the funeral service industry for many years, we view your trust the same way we view every grieving family who has crossed our threshold; we will personally take care of you.

You can trust us with all technical aspects, security and support systems in place, the speed of releasing funds to registered partners, but ultimately it comes down to assisting you with the one added burden you’re having to carry at this time - covering your loved one’s burial costs.

How do I sign up?

A Funeral Home will be required to complete the initial sign up form on line. This will contain all the information about the business including locations, phone number, email address, bank account information, etc. Once verifies your establishment, your account will be active. Click here for Sign Up Instructions.

What makes for a successful campaign?

Through the beta testing process these steps have resulted in campaigns receiving the most donations:

  1. Pictures of deceased added to the campaign. Unlimited photographs allows relatives and distant friends the ability to know with assurance that they’re making donations to the person they know.
  2. A well-written obituary. The obituary on the platform can be different than the one printed on newspaper. A personable story on this platform will generate more memories and garner more shared memories by those that knew them. We recommend the obituary to begin with the words “In Lieu of Flowers, the family requests memorials in the memory of (their loved one)...”
  3. Sharing via social media, email or texts is easily completed within each campaign. It is vital that the campaign be shared by next of kin via all social media pages or texts to their friends. Campaigns that are not shared do not generate the desired level of success.
  4. Links to the campaign must be included in any electronic obituaries from other sites including the funeral home website or online newspaper obituaries.

Can both Burials and Cremations be funded?

Yes. Both burials and cremations can be funded through
In 2017, cremations exceeded 50% for the first time within the United States. The number one reason folks indicated for selecting cremation was cost. Typically, cremation is 40 to 50% less than traditional burial. wants to take the cost factor out of the equation and allow families to select the type of service they truly desire.

How to calculate the goal amount?

(Even if funds are not needed to pay for the services)

The goal amount can be the bare minimum of the goods and services contract that the family has agreed. For some families additional monies may be needed to complete the memorial service outside of just the goods and services contract by the funeral home. These may include a grave plot, niche, head stone, family flowers, church or venue fees, minister fees or even travel fees for out of state family members. The idea is to allow families the ability to create the desired service for their loved one if they have no money or limited money and needing assistance to upgrade the type of service.

Once the Funeral Director establishes the goal amount, the system automatically calculates the credit card processing fees and the administrative costs to reflect the total funds needed or desired. We want to insure the total services requested can be funded and cost of campaign do not impact Funeral Home’s charges.

How to calculate the goal amount If only accepting donations in lieu of flowers?

Set the goal amount at $0.00. As donations are received, the system will display the amount increasing until the campaign expires.

How Long Does a Funeral Fund Last?

Funeral campaigns are recommended to last 14 days, and no more than 30. Campaigns typically last for 14 days and funds are transferred via ACH three business days after campaign expires. Once expired, funds will be directed to funeral home to ensure all donations received have been collected.

If goal is reached sooner than the initial term, the funeral director is able to expire the campaign at any time and request all funds to be transferred.

What happens if the goal isn’t reached?

All funds collected will be direct deposited via ACH to the funeral home (less fees). If it becomes obvious to the Funeral Director as he monitors the campaign that the goal will not be obtained well prior to the normal 14 days, he is able to expire the campaign at any time and request all funds to be transferred.

What do I do if a funeral fund receives more money than the desired goal?

In the event that the campaign generates more money than the stated goal, the funeral service provider will refund the remainder of the donations to the next of kin.

The funeral service provider will be responsible to contact the next of kin after ending the campaign and arranging all appropriate payments.

How long does it take for the monies to reach our bank account?

Funds are transferred via ACH on the 3rd business day after the campaign has expired. This allows all donations made to have been collected.

The funeral home sets up their bank routing information within their account profile to receive all funds.

Can Memorials be set up at is an ideal alternative to make donations to an organization in the name of a loved one. This eliminates having the family to make decisions at the time of the arrangements which organization to accept donations. Research has shown that not naming an organization where monies will be donated will increase the amount of donations received. This is accomplished by the funeral director setting the goal amount at $0.00 and allowing the system to accumulate all donations received. Once the campaign has expired, the money will be transferred three business days afterwards to the funeral home and payment can then be made either to next of kin or directly to the selected organization by the Funeral Home.